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Jul 28, 2016

Chapter Ten of Extraordinary Terrestrials, a serial fiction podcast about a supernatural wetland. In Chapter Nine, Trip dove into the bog to rescue the vanished Karen Laurent. He was unsuccessful, and would have vanished himself into the strange abyss below if it weren't for Mattie's display of great strength and courage when she pulled him from the living muck. The two friends escaped the mire together, evading the oncoming fire trucks and Cpl Hadlock. This is the final chapter of Part One. Tune in again at the end of August for Part Two. Written, read, and recorded by Miriam Rimkunas. All piano music was composed and performed by Jonas Rimkunas. All other music was composed and performed by Miriam Rimkunas. All rights reserved. Follow Extraordinary Terrestrials on Facebook at and on Twitter @BloodsworthBog. Freesound recording of spring peepers: Special thanks this week to Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort.