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Jul 14, 2016

Chapter Eight of Extraordinary Terrestrials, a serial fiction podcast about a supernatural wetland. In Chapter Seven, Karen Laurent set the bog on fire before realizing that Mattie and Trip had already ventured in to the wetland. Lured in by the light of the flames, the two friends find themselves trapped, sinking in something that isn't quite quicksand. Karen realizes she has possibly committed manslaughter, and enters the bog to correct her crime as Mattie and Trip agree to not confess what they both want to confess. Then a big tree shows up seemingly out of nowhere. Tune in every Thursday for a new chapter. Written, read, and recorded by Miriam Rimkunas. All piano music was composed and performed by Jonas Rimkunas. All other music was composed and performed by Miriam Rimkunas. All rights reserved. Follow Extraordinary Terrestrials on Facebook at and on Twitter @BloodsworthBog. Freesound recording of spring peepers: Special thanks this week to Walt Kelley.