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Dec 15, 2016

CAUTION: This chapter contains a violent and important scene. Please use discretion. The March Chapter of Part Two of Extraordinary Terrestrials, a serial fiction podcast about a supernatural wetland. In the last chapter, Heck grew fond of the library, but her knowledge high was quickly extinguished when Jack received word from her husband Anatole, in the form of a menacing and cryptic telegram. The two friends waited, hoping for the best and expecting the worst. Tune in one week from now for the next installment of their adventure, before taking a break for the holiday season. Written, read, and recorded by Miriam Rimkunas. All piano music was composed and performed by Jonas Rimkunas. All public domain organ music was performed by John Rimkunas. All other music was composed and performed by Miriam Rimkunas. All rights reserved. Follow Extraordinary Terrestrials via the website Facebook at and on Twitter @BloodsworthBog. Freesound recording of crackling fire: Maybe this is you: Special thanks this chapter goes to Fiona Apple.